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Logging in just now LiveJournal tells me my last entry was nearly a year ago, 51 weeks ago. How swiftly time flies. And I had had all the best intentions in the world when I first started this effort. I was going to write a little something in it every now and then, if not every day.
Road to hell and all that.

In a funny way, there have been little prompts, reminding me to write, I keep getting these little emails from various young terribly loney and loveless ladies in some far off place like Lithuaina or Austrailia or some such, all of these ladies begging me to please be thier very special Livejournal friend.
And I alwasy simply deleted those messages of course.
Oh, the first few I got I actually did track them down and look at thier profiles, and it became clear that the messages were nothing more than trollers.

Perhaps I will post more soon,,

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