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The coyotes have returned, - if they had even ever left us that is. I say coyotes (multiple) because they held a song fest in our yard last night at 2 AM. I’ve heard them singing together other times, but never so close as from my own backyard before, and hearing them this up close, I gotta say it is kind of a scary chorus to hear.

It is hard to know exactly how many there are in the pack, but as I looked out my window for them, I think I was able to hear at least four separate voices, though it is difficult to tell as each single voice would yip through several octaves fairly rapidly. I am certain I know exactly where in my back yard they were, but I didn’t bother to get out of bed to go to the window that looks in that direction, instead I knew their singing would not last too long, and it didn’t, no more than a minute or two. So I satisfied myself by just looking out the window at my bedside, without ever actually rising from under the covers.

Over the decades that we have lived here, we’ve known occasional visits from a coyote or two, but we only saw or heard them about once every three to six months, but here recently, in the last couple of months or so, we either see or hear one or more twice a week or more now. I think a family pack must have moved into a den nearby and I know of several places where that den might could be. I know of a couple of walk/crawl-in caves, and a long a rock shelf ledge with a maze of passages tunneling under and through it, and a huge boulder field area which is a natural maze of massive stones which holds several small rooms with stone ceilings, all which I’ve explored at one time or another. Some of these last, in times past have been used as forts and secret clubhouses by groups of children, but none have been used for such in a decade or more that I know of. Of course it may be that the coyotes are denned up somewhere in the greater wilderness area on the slopes of Green Mountain behind us. But I think not. A considerable area of suburbs and roads lay between us and Green Mountain for them to traverse so readily. We hear and see them all too frequently for them to be making that trip.

I’m curious to know where there den is, but not inclined to try and track it down. I’ve no desire to be the one who wakes a pack of coyotes from their diurnal slumber.


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